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The Days of Whiskey Gap

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 28, 2015

Do you know about the Mounties? The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, that is. Beyond the Musical Ride, or dumb Hollywood clichés, have you actually heard the story? Or the stories, rather?

Well this extremely capable documentary, short enough to go down easy, expansive enough to cover some considerable ground, will go a long way toward bringing you up to date. Except for the fact that it was made over 50 years ago, which means that the craft of history being what it is, and history itself being even more so, it’s actually pretty far out of date. Make it an important source then, on your way to fuller understanding.

Then think of the fact that more fully understanding this really important institution, as it relates to a country that most of you don’t come from and may not ever visit, is only one of the billions of worthy things to which you could profitably and edifyingly turn your attention. It can be daunting. Outright discouraging! Or, after watching something like this film, and deriving all the seemly pleasure that it holds for you, you may find yourself thinking something that’s kind of exciting. It could be that films like this, and books, and trips with the family to museums and galleries and actual historic sites, and maybe college degrees, and the careers and lives that follow, are kind of worth consulting or pursuing. Or living for. Kinda beats Facebook, in other words. The world!