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Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Jul 28, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw #Universe. We’re crediting it to Colin Low, but this is by the National Film Board of Canada, & the miraculous Unit B in particular …

… During its brief, bright ascendancy Unit B was practically cinema’s answer to the Scottish Enlightenment …

… Or, that what you Sassenachs thought was an irrelevant backwater was in fact the cultural & intellectual centre of the whole world. Take that!

#Universe. There’s a courtesy in it, a desire to give proper credit. But it’s also a commercial ploy, & an annoying vulgarity …

… Who cares if Ken Burns learned something from City of Gold? Or if this film inspired Kubrick’s 2001? The thing itself, on its own terms!

#Universe. Special effects? Godly creation, more like. Absolutely, inexpressibly awesome, in both concept & execution.

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