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The Green Hornet

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 17, 2015

Rogen has that knucklehead schtick down pretty good, and they get a reasonable number of shaggy dog type laughs from it. The Cato relationship is actually pretty resonant, culturally speaking. If we want, their relationship echoes that of the US and the nations it helps and takes advantage of, or the US and its longsuffering allies. Not that this is intentionally the point—plus Rogen is Canadian—but echoes are echoes. Not sure what Gondry is doing here, or why he’s doing it. Once in a while something twee or sweet or lo-fi shows up—artists working within the system. They’re in love with their car, which certainly is an object of beauty. Franco contributes an impressive cameo, and Christopher Waltz is a movie star. Cameron Diaz… (At least her character is her real age, and they say so.) I found the conclusion to the film to be endless and noisy and annoying. Let me amend that. The conclusion to the film is endless and noisy and annoying.