Product III

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Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 17, 2015

It’s not like there’s an original, exactly, but this film’s perpetrators are kind of all over the place with their treatment of the source/s. (Interesting directing credit! And good luck to him, too.) Mind you, the idea of Loki as an adopted son who hadn’t known of his origins is actually kind of interesting.

What’s going on with the design around here? It strikes me as too many materials and textures, styles and periods, all in conflict with themselves. Or maybe it’s just too computer generated. The opening violence is noisy and unreadable. The closing battle is unreadable and noisy. Ms. Portman is fast becoming the Audrey Hepburn of this generation, meaning what exactly do people see in her? There’s a big stretch in the middle, though, that is surprisingly light-comic and pleasant. There are some good laughs, some modest character development and progression, some genial professionalism. It can’t be easy to block-bust, after all.