Whoa, Be-Gone!

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 13, 2015

I am admiring this title. This is a kind of pre-credit sequence! And that is an amazing fulcrum joke. How many variations can these guys come up with? As previously mentioned, there’s a popular mechanics component to these cartoons. It goes deeper than that though. It’s like Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet, or a meditation on trying to survive with the material that nature—or culture—provides. Here the Coyote falls twice from one of those impossible heights, onto the very same spot. Prudently, and knowing very well that life is hard, he puts a trampoline down there. Whomp! Right through the trampoline.

That is a new variety of rubber band failure! The wire and wheel-helmeted daredevil head stand joke is very elaborately set up, and then goes very quickly the absolute wrong way. This delightful surprise is followed by a delightful execution topper. Ah, yes—the do-it-yourself tornado kit. The clip drops out of the water pistol (water pistols have clips?) into the tin of tornadoes. The resulting twister then takes the poor coyote into a nearby mine field. ! It’s like flies to wanton boys, or the very essence of a particular, precious kind of comedy.